Explore sword fighting through HEMA


Our primary focus are weapons commonly seen and used in tournaments such as long swords and single swords. This is not an exhaustive list but the bigger names in HEMA documentation.

Italian Tradition
Long Sword: Fiore D'ei Liberi
Single Sword: Manciolino, Marozzo, Dall'Agocchie

German Tradition
Long Sword: Liechtenauer, Meyer, Talhoffer, Mair, Jud Lew
Single Sword: Meyer, Von Baden, Mair

Iberian Tradition

We strongly encourage our members to read through sources and ask questions themselves as well. An extensive list of books is available to the public and there is much to learn from those that wrote down words about their experience and knowledge.


Historic European Martial Arts (aka HEMA) is a concentration of martial studies regarding European sources. Integral sources (treatises, manuscripts, art) include Italian, German, English, Spanish, French, and more. Translations exist for much of this corpus of work & is publicly available.

People who study this martial art apply their knowledge learned from their individual groups across the world at local, national, and international tournaments.

Like any martial art, practice makes perfect and weekly classes are where you will obtain this knowledge. Without one other person at least HEMA is fairly challenging to explore. During classes expect drills (compliant and non-compliant), physical conditioning, and sparring.


Lessons are lead by one or two instructors guiding the lesson & establishing the curriculum and weekly class material. Instructors have at least two years of prior experience, previous national tournament experience, or a mixture of both. Instructors also have certified first responder training.

INTRODUCTION LESSON: Two hour group lesson that introduces you to the swords we use. Controlled drills and basic principles are taught. Equipment will be provided for this session.

NEW SWORD FIGHTER: A six week course centered around developing a base of knowledge that is applicable to the on going lessons.

CONTINUED TRAINING: Comprises the Italian and German tradition class work expanding on basic principles, introduces and explores advanced techniques, and hones appropriate biomechanics. Members are required to bring their equipment to every session.


Students in their fourth month need to have obtained at a minimum a 350N Fencing Mask, a pair of padded gloves, and a training sword (preferably steel, and appropriate to the current course work).

Past the fourth month students need to provide for themselves:
Helmet & Back of Head Protection
Steel or PBT Gorget
Protective Gauntlets
Rigid 3 Point Knee/Elbow/Shin
Appropriate Footwear


Please allow 24-48 hours for a response to phone call or email.
When sending us email include first and last name name, phone number, and which class you'll be attending.

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